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My Story

Eliza is an extra special resident who we have had since she was just a few weeks old,  Eliza is now 7 years old and has blessed the world tremendously by contributing to the captive population of Ruffed Lemurs with her companion Walter. This sweet soul is a total mama's girl and absolutely soaks up every ounce of social time we have on the daily. Eliza was originally gotten as a companion for Rupert the Ring Tailed Lemur (both became mortal enemies when they hit sexual maturity which is perfectly normal from different species). After having Eliza for a year we received Walter the Red Ruffed Lemur from a zoo in north FL who was needing to place him due to overcrowding. The two have been raised together and successfully raised 3 liters of beautiful baby ruffed Lemurs. This baby girl was hand raised with us so her whole life story can be found on our social media.

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