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My Story

Stitch, a fan favorite with a spunky attitude is a 10 year old Kinkajou we received in 2018 just two weeks after receiving Pebbles. Stitch was a highly aggressive case that took extreme caution. Hearing the circumstances we rushed to build his enclosure and took him in within the week of being contacted. Stitch was unable to pair with any of the kinkajous we had so he has been happily solitary. Unfortunately due to his degree of aggression he cannot receive human contact but that doesn’t stop us from giving him paw pets when he sticks his bear claw out to try and scratch us. Stitch is what we like to call a lifer and will be spending the remainder of his life with us as he is wholeheartedly accepted and respected as he is. 


Favorite food; rotisserie chicken

Personality fact; stitch secretly loves to get his paw pet.

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