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My Story

Aubrey is a 3-year-old Ring-tailed lemur residing in Wildlife Wonderland. She is known for having one of the most striking tails in our sanctuary. Aubrey was surrendered to us by her previous owner when they were unable to provide the necessary care for her due to a move. After being contacted by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, we welcomed Aubrey into our sanctuary. Sadly, Aubrey's previous living conditions led to stress grooming, resulting in an extremely thin rat tail. With care and patience from our team, Aubrey's tail has since flourished. Despite not getting along with any of our females, she now thrives alongside Gus, with both lemurs integrated into a happy little troop.

Aubrey's favorite food is grapes, and she has a unique personality trait of not allowing us to pet her. However, she enjoys kisses, which she only allows if our hands are behind our back. We are proud to have provided a safe and nurturing home for Aubrey and are committed to continuing to provide a high standard of care for all of the animals in our sanctuary.

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