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My Story

Coco is a special Ring-tailed lemur who has found a loving home in Wildlife Wonderland. We were contacted by a concerned woman at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, who was unable to keep Coco due to her new behavior of trying to attack her and her family. With no outdoor enclosure available, she had no choice but to surrender Coco. Upon arrival at our sanctuary, Coco immediately warmed up to us and settled in well.

Coco is now thriving and has developed a strong bond with our team. Her favorite part of the day is feeding time, where she never fails to show her happiness and appreciation. We feel that Coco's arrival at our sanctuary was meant to be, as her warm and loving personality has touched the hearts of all who meet her.

Coco's favorite food is baked sweet potato, and she has a unique personality trait of being the loudest purrer on the planet. During tours, she also loves to scent mark and show off her lady parts, much to the amusement of our visitors.

We are honored to provide Coco with a safe and loving home and are dedicated to continuing to provide her with the highest standard of care

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