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My Story

Wildlife Wonderland is home to many animals, each with their own unique story and personality. One of our most fascinating residents is Topper, an 8-year-old Ring Tailed Lemur with a reputation for being highly aggressive. Despite this, our team at Wildlife Wonderland takes great pride in providing Topper with the care and attention he needs to thrive.

Topper's journey to our sanctuary began with his previous owners, who made valiant efforts to make their relationship with him work. However, after Topper attacked both owners, they had no choice but to find an alternate living situation for him. Fortunately, Wildlife Wonderland was able to provide Topper with the home he needed to thrive. Since arriving at our sanctuary, Topper has been paired with Bella and they have formed a close bond over the past three years.

As with all of our residents, we take the time to get to know Topper on a personal level, discovering his likes and dislikes. We've learned that he has a fondness for bananas and enjoys being hand-fed his favorite foods. Despite his aggressive tendencies, we have found that Topper can be quite friendly and sociable when he feels comfortable and secure. At Wildlife Wonderland, we believe that every animal deserves a chance to live a happy and healthy life, no matter what challenges they may bring.

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