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My Story

Bella holds a special place in our hearts as she was our very first Ring-tailed lemur surrender. At five years old, this Southern belle made her way to us all the way from South Carolina. In 2018, Bella's previous family reached out to us after seeing our Instagram, desperate to rehome their beloved lemur with someone they trusted. Without hesitation, we eagerly agreed and made the necessary arrangements to bring Bella to our sanctuary.

Although Bella was showing mild signs of aggression, she always had a soft spot for our team, particularly myself, despite her mood swings. Bella lived solo for a year and a half before the arrival of Topper. After a successful integration, Bella and Topper have been living together and thriving ever since.

In the summer of 2022, we noticed a strange growth on Bella's inner thigh. After taking her for an examination with our incredible veterinarian, we discovered that Bella had cancer. We were fortunate to have been able to remove the mass and all the cancerous cells around it entirely, and Bella has since been thriving.

Bella's favorite food is blueberries, and she loves to be pet and kissed, although Topper won't allow it due to his protective nature, which scares Bella away. We are honored to have provided Bella with a loving home and are committed to continuing to provide her with the 

highest standard of care.

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