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My Story

Gus is a captivating and intriguing Ring-Tailed Lemur who was adopted as a companion to Rupert, the man who started it all for Wildlife Wonderland. The two of them lived together and roamed freely, showcasing their charming personalities and causing delightful mischief. However, as Gus reached the age of 2, he displayed signs of aggression towards Alice, which can be dangerous considering the strength of Ring Tails, capable of ripping through flesh in seconds. Thus, the boys had to live in an enclosure, with only limited interaction from humans.

In the spring of 2022, Gus took a turn for the worse and became aggressive towards his caretakers. To ensure the safety of everyone involved, Gus was moved in with Aubrey, another human-aggressive surrender. Despite this change, Gus remains a beloved member of the Wildlife Wonderland family, with a favorite food of bananas and an endearing personality that loves to be scratched between his eyes.

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