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My Story

Pebbles is an 8 year old Kinkajou who we received as our first surrender in 2018. 


Pebbles was surrendered for being aggressive and came to us at a whopping 5 lbs overweight which is extreme for an animal their size. After providing Pebbles with proper space and the appropriate diet we had begun working closely with her and were able to win over her trust, along with getting her to an ideal body weight. Oliver at only 9 years old was the first of the family to set the new tone for pebbles social life and she’s been an absolute doll ever since. Pebbles is an absolute joy and a permanent resident of Wildlife Wonderland where she will be living out the remainder of her life with her companion Baymax.


Favorite food; Bell pepper

Personality fact; is obsessed with climbing on my back and getting kisses

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